Bachelor Party Tips

Bachelor Party

Tips to Organize a Bachelor Party

It wouldnt hurt to know more tips to organize a bachelor party, whether you are a first-timer or an experienced best man. As always, you want the best experience for the groom and the rest of the guys.

It takes experience to know which are the tips that work from not. Luckily, you dont have to go on a trial-and-error because the tips on how to organize a bachelor party below will be helpful:

The longer, the better. As with everything about men, the longer is always the better. Even in bachelor partiesthe longer time you have, the better. So, before you pick a place, ask the guys first on how long they can commit for this once-in-a-lifetime party. Weekends usually count in the schedule. Add Friday and Monday and youll have a four-day bachelor party.

Pick an unfamiliar place. The bachelor party should be a first-time experience for everyone, at least on the place. First, ask the groom where he wants to spend his pre-wedding celebration. It should be somewhere that no one in the gang has ever gone to. Sharing a first-time experience together will strengthen the friendship bond.

Do something new. Strip clubs, drinking beer, cigarette smoking, and gambling are staples of stag parties. Do these only if the groom or most of the guys want to. Trying something new like hiking, camping, cruising, and doing other extreme sports will be more sentimentally valuable. Besides, you must have gone to strip clubs a hundred of times already, smoking cigarettes will only lead to cancer, drinking beer is only for college students, and gambling is a bad investment.

Set the budget, but dont go cheap. Be ready to spend about $500 per person for an almost limitless adventure. So it would be highly ideal to inform the guys as soon as you know that youll be planning for a bachelor party. The last resort is to trim down the budget to what is affordable for most of the guys. Guys with fatter wallets and lesser financial obligations should give more. A thousand bucks wont hurt for someone earning a million a year.

Have more than just one plan. Anticipate days that might hinder you from doing some of the planned activities. Have alternative plans so you can make the most of your precious time. It will be a shame to keep the guys waiting for the rain to stop if there are better things to do than just killing time.

Choose clean fun or form a logical story. Sorry, but not all men like strippers and other off-limits stag party fun. So, as much as possible, keep the party activities within the clean and safe fun. Sex, drugs, and rock & roll are things of the past. But if you like it vintage, then make sure to devise a logical story. Also, produce pieces of evidence to support your story.

Plan the bachelor party ASAP. Better, more enjoyable, and cheaper stag party is assured if you can prepare everything at least a month before.

Keep your cool also despite the stressful preparation. The most important thing in this party is that everyone, especially the groom, had a memorable and enjoyable stag party.

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